I am not a blogger – my First Post

I am not a blogger. I do not tweet. I absolutely hate e-mail. But I do love to write, and I believe strongly in staying connected to the people I love, so it seems appropriate that some form of electronic media should naturally become my best friend… so far it hasn’t happened. It’s not that I’m incompetent – actually, I am perfectly comfortable operating most forms of electronic devices, including my beloved iPhone, which I use less as an actual phone and more for its various other uses. Am I just late to the game, or is it possible that some of us simply prefer to connect with people on a different, perhaps more traditional level? Regardless, I want to have the opportunity to connect with a wider range of audiences than would be possible by any other means, and I also love the idea of having my words immediately published, even if only in the electronic world. Those are my primary motivations for choosing this form in which to present my initial material to any readers why chose to continue with me on this journey.

I have information to share that I think is and can be helpful to many different types of people, and it’s such a burden for me to have to carry it alone. A wise man once said, “Do not be selfish with your journey – allow others to share it with you.” So in the spirit of humility I am trying to follow that advice. I hope many of you out there will find that it strikes a chord somewhere in your heart, whether from a personal experience, a story of someone you know or have heard of, or perhaps simply because we have all made difficult choices at some point in our lives. But there is another thing that I hope to impart in my message – a common base of knowledge. Empathy is always appreciated, but it’s the knowledge that can help drive us forward on a path of community understanding, and eventually lead to an easier dialogue with our children about the choices they have and what the consequences really are for certain actions. Instead of trying to erase our mistakes, wouldn’t it be simpler to learn from them and try to move forward?


2 thoughts on “I am not a blogger – my First Post

  1. What a beautiful story to share with others. As Devin’s father, I am so glad to have you as such a supportive and loving part of his life. He values and cherishes the relationship and support he has with you and your family. Thank you for sharing this story with others.

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